March 3, 2021
Pandemic Karate

Karate is still a major activity here and as such I feel like I talk about it endlessly.


As it's something that we do week in and week out often I just assume it's not interesting to discuss but I feel like it's worth documenting what pandemic karate has looked like the last few months.


There were endless schedule changes. Seriously. So. Many. Elizabeth takes private lessons with Sensei Cody and has appreciated very much being able to get out of the house intermittently to train one on one in between lockdowns.


Last year Elizabeth faithfully attended bo classes outdoors regardless of weather until it got really cold, but while she was figuring out ways to keep our ipad working outdoors even in subzero temperatures and wondering about extra outdoor lighting we thought it would be worth figuring out if there was any workable indoor space for the winter. This was especially important in order to be able to compete in this year's tournament circuit.


That's how I ended up moving most of the living room furniture into the hall on a nearly daily basis for weeks and months. We seriously considered getting rid of some of it to be replaced post pandemic.


We also finally got around to hanging up all of Elizabeth's belts and medals. She was very pleased.

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