April 30, 2021
Virtual School: Week 31

This week was full of tulips and cold, cold rain. We still biked. Some of it was less fun than others, especially that time where it was 3C and pouring. Elizabeth and I saw the heron again, this time patiently trying to fish in brown's inlet. Definitely no fish there yet! Matthew and Michael were distraught to discover dozens of drowning worms during one of our morning walks and made me rescue each one because it's too yucky to actually pick up a worm.


At forest school Matthew has been biking a lot. They've biked up to the museum of aviation a couple of times and all around the cemetery. His teacher wrote to say: "Les gens du quartier nous sourient et parfois nous remercient de ramasser les déchets le long des routes et aussi au parc Richelieu."


Matthew made Amelia a little car out of fort magic and has been doing a lot of drawing. They have been reading to each other and he's starting to read Tintin to himself because "I'm a good enough reader now". He's keen to get his siblings on boukili so he can see how much they are reading. In shop class he and daddy did some bike maintenance.


In homeschool science we were talking about energy from heat and temperature. The experiment worked best the first time before I was able to video, but it was quite fun to see the air contract and expand.


Elizabeth's boogie board broke quite a while ago and she was complaining about how long it had been sitting on Daddy's desk waiting to be repaired. Daddy reckoned it was beyond repair but I contacted their tech support even though it was years out of warranty and THEY SENT US A NEW ONE!!!! I was very impressed and Elizabeth is having a really fun time with it.


She has a new teacher (again). Apparently she's from France but actually speaks English well so Elizabeth is cautiously optimistic that she'll be good. She has to do another passion project "but I already talked about karate so what do I doooooo?" I pointed out that she has quite a few options. It will be interesting to see what she picks! In art class they were working on silhouettes and Elizabeth decided to redo a painting she tried before. She's very happy with the improvement.


She continued working on her Lost in Space project every day. She learned how to use a seven segment LED display to display numbers and rotary encoder (a dial you can turn). She learned how to use a 4x4 keypad to create a security system and is learning the basic concept of encryption. Interesting side effect: she has a better idea of what her father does for a living. “You have a fun job!” she exclaimed.


Amelia got some new puzzles from Dianne which she had to make immediately. She loves puzzles. She also decided she wanted to make a video telling a story about her dolls. Michael wanted to help but he ended up stealing her baby and bonking Amelia over the head instead. "That's NOT how you tell their stories!" Amelia told him indignantly. There was another show this week and Amelia excitedly invited Matthew. Unfortunately it was not nearly as interesting as the puppet show as it was some kind of indigenous music with a lot of talking. They ended up going and doing something else. They are doing some ateliers these days where they pick an activity and then do them in small groups. I'm not sure how this works because there are more groups than teachers. Amelia picked lego and made a very elaborate house out of duplo.

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