May 8, 2021
Spring Piano Recital

Matthew and Amelia had a virtual piano recital today.


Grandma J came over at 10:30am and Elizabeth played her a piece as a recital preamble. Elizabeth wants me to note that she only learned this piece by heart four days ago.


We decided to go biking right before in the rain - I don't even remember why - but it was probably an error because we were so discombobulated by the rush to get ready that we actually didn't video the recital or take pictures or anything! It didn't help that Michael was in a MOOD and needed to be taken out of the recital. More than once. Amelia might have picked her nose on camera at the end. The elder siblings may have given her a hard time "you should at least wait until you aren't spotlighted before you do disgusting things".


Anyway, the kids all agreed to play their pieces again for posterity, and there is no nose picking so we can pretend that didn't happen.


A special thank you to Jane and Aunt Joanne who came to listen - it was very nice to see your smiling faces.

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