May 28, 2021
Virtual School: Week 35

Elizabeth's english class did a "passion project" in which they had to present a hobby. "But I don't HAVE any hobbies!" my ridiculous child lamented, and then didn't understand why we laughed at her. We ran out of fingers before she ran out of hobbies when we challenged her to list them out. Anyway, she decided to do her presentation on Lost in Space and it was apparently well received. One of her other classmates taught the class how to draw Stitch. Elizabeth was pleased with how hers turned out.


In art class they covered shading and shadows.


It's the end of year which means there are eight or nine multi-week projects all due at once. Elizabeth is working on a project about UNICEF. She apparently picked the topic because it had the word science in its description and she is very interested in science. Unfortunately it turns out that she is not at all interested in UNICEF as presented on their website. I have to agree with her - the websites her teachers linked to are all extremely dry reading and asking questions like "how does this entity relate to Canada?" just reinforces her impression that Canadian history and politics are as dull as dishwater.


In addition to Elizabeth's UNICEF and passion project presentation, she had several bee-themed projects and she had to write and perform a monologue. She was rather annoyed with the monologue since they had to invent a character, assign character traits and mannerisms and draw the person before it was explained they now had to become this person. "I would have come up with something quite different", said she. "I especially would NOT have given her a squeaky voice!" Elizabeth was pretty excited to get to go biking with Erika after the regulations here in Ontario relaxed to allow such things. She also completed her daily bike ride on her own one day this week when the rest of us had to go earlier due to bedtime and activity conflicts.


Amelia is learning about bees too and practicing reading and writing. She finds reading much more exciting but loves drawing. Daddy built her and Michael an airplane out of fort magic, by special request. There was also an incident that very much encapsulates Amelia right now. There was a princess story. The class had to think of a way for the protagonists to send a message and the teacher was sort of fishing around for some answers and getting very little back. The other kids were totally stumped. Teacher asked Amelia, who  launched into an elaborate plan involving a kite and a rock with a message attached launched out the window of a tall tower. Amelia went on and on and on while the rather bemused teacher rather frantically tried to keep up. Her french has really improved quite dramatically this year.


Matthew took a couple of kites to forest school and had a fantastic time flying them. In asynchronous school he is writing a "informational book" about bees, since both Elizabeth and Amelia are learning about bees and can give him lots of ideas.


Michael is in a very "three" sort of mood. He broke the glass in our back porch door and dumped dirt all over the living room. He likes to "tetend" that he is a robot or a dog or a superhero. Dogs unfortunately like to lick things on the floor. We've had a number of conversations about how the dog next door might do certain things but he may not imitate that particular behaviour. Good thing he's cute...

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