May 24, 2021
Pie Day

Amelia has wanted to make a pie with Grandma for a long time, so after biking today the girls picked some rhubarb and went to Grandma's house in her car! We decided that four kids making pie at once would be too much of a good thing so Matthew stayed home with Daddy to do a special project of his choosing, while Michael and I went to Home Depot to get some gardening supplies. The boys were quite jealous of the car ride but enjoyed their own special times one on one.


This long weekend the kids really wanted to do some backyard camping so after school on Friday we pitched the tents and the kids and Mommy slept outside for three nights in a row! The little kids are now able to settle in the tent all by themselves, but we didn't let them sleep outdoors by themselves all night. Our neighbour Horatio wanted to join the fun too and put up his own tent, although I don't think he slept outside.

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