June 4, 2021
Virtual School: Week 36

Lots of biking this week, but tree climbing while biking has come to an abrupt end due to all the trees being absolutely infested with LDD moth caterpillars. Yuck. Instead we went to the spider park and jumped off stumps. At forest school apparently it sounds like it is raining if you listen closely from all the droppings falling.


Matthew is doing a science unit at school on simple machines. I got him to watch some extra videos and take notes because the unit otherwise consisted of multiple choice questions. It's unclear whether the other kids in school are actually getting real material but if I wasn't treating school as supplementary I'd be annoyed about it. I do know they had some field trips which he didn't get to do and basically meant he couldn't do the related assignment. As you might imagine, Matthew didn't mind. He does mind that his non-school french class assignments are not easy to fill out on the computer, which is the perfect excuse for doing extra handwriting. I, on the other hand, am thrilled!


Elizabeth is writing up the end of her interdisciplinary bee project this week. She showed me her most recent acro routine. In art class she's working on shadows and photorealism. She was pretty happy with how her painting turned out.


Amelia's class is talking about elves.

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