June 18, 2021
Virtual School: Week 38

Amelia's class did a virtual field trip to meet some kids that communicate in ASL and she learned a few signs. They also visited an entomologist. Amelia liked the butterflies the best. She and Michael were also very excited that Mommy and Daddy got a new mattress, freeing up the old one to use as an indoor "trampoline". There has been much jumping for the past few days.


We biked to parliament hill with Erika and Auntie Yukiko. Daddy got a flat and everyone was very impressed when he simply removed his spare from his bag under his seat and changed it. All told it was a delay of about ten minutes. After that everyone decided they needed to have their own spare tube and bike change tools. Actually we did a few rides to parliament this week, as well as up to to Hartwell locks.


It was the last week for forest school for Matthew (sniff) and we all got to go for a picnic at the end. Elizabeth was busy but Amelia and Michael and I went to fly kites, eat lunch and play on the play structures. Amelia and Michael even got to help in Ylan's garden. Matthew's shop class this week focussed on getting the playhouse ready for painting.


Elizabeth was experimenting with patterns in art class this week, as well as continuing her own doodling with Pokemon and painting. In person karate tournament team in the park has started up again. Elizabeth is even willing to bike at least one way - a huge milestone for us! In class she did a group science project that required making various different paper airplanes and measuring how far each of them had to go.

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