June 24, 2021
Virtual School: Week 39

Last week of school for Amelia and Elizabeth!


Amelia's class did a series of "days" - beach day, crazy hair day, backwards clothing day... All of the classes had a "show" by Kalimba which was some kind of dance thing but neither Amelia or Elizabeth were too enthused and Matthew flatly refused to watch more than about five minutes. For her choose her own adventure day she decided to make pizza.


On the last day Amelia's class had an informal but well attended meet-up at the park near the school with her classmates and her teachers Mme Martine and Mme Hind. It was the first time her teachers met in real life! It was so, so nice for Amelia to see all these kids in the flesh and to get to play with them. Mme Martine led the kids in some singing and dancing and everyone had a blast. Sounds like all but one or two are planning to attend school in person next year. We all biked (in batches as Elizabeth had karate first) and it was such an easy ride that biking to school seems like it might actually be feasible.


The kids did a lot of gardening this week. Shop for Matthew was helping daddy with bike maintenance, while Elizabeth got to help repair the broken playhouse window under the deck.


Elizabeth's last week had a lot of the same theme days as Amelia, but (of course) on different days. Amelia had done part of her beach day in the sandbox but Elizabeth felt that would be "weird" so we settled for kinetic sand. In art class they did a painting that crossed two canvasses. There was allegedly some kind of graduation video but we didn't get invited and Elizabeth said there wasn't much point in watching it. Seemed like an anti-climactic finish to eight years of elementary school but Elizabeth didn't seem to mind. She was very happy that Sensei Cody is now doing karate in the park too.


Overall we were all ready for the virtual school year to come to an end. Elizabeth and Amelia said that overall they enjoyed the year and would be happy to do it virtually again. Matthew would much prefer to be home schooled, but virtual was better than in person. Elizabeth said her favourite part was how quiet it was, and she loved all the extra free time. Amelia said her favourite part was getting to eat what she wanted and all the extra time with Mommy and Daddy and her family.

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