June 6, 2021
Grand Slam WKC virtual worlds qualifier #4

This tournament was a little different in that it was a double points tournament.  This meant the pressure was on to get the best possible rankings.  Elizabeth knew this but didn't seem to let it get to her.  With the weather being nicer we were able to take the weapons outside but that created challenges in terms of the sound.  It turned out that Elizabeth couldn't hear the music for her extreme weapons kata unless it was close to her starting position and the starting position is quite far from the ipad and thus the mic so the judges couldn't really hear the music.  This didn't seem to be a problem though so thank goodness for that.  There was also a glitch with the mic for her hard style forms kata which meant that no one could hear her!  Sadly this may have impacted her scores for that division, but we were able to get things sorted out before the classical division at least.


It was a mixed day as far as judging was concerned.  The judges weren't particularly into her forms this time around but they were impressed by her modern weapons katas. She finished 5th in hard style, 8th in classical, 6th in traditional weapons, 1st in extreme weapons and 2nd in creative weapons.


With the double points taken into account her overall rankings in the world qualifiers are now:



-6th in hard style

-3rd in classical



-1st in traditional

-1st in extreme

-3rd in creative


While all of the rankings are quite impressive, the 1st in extreme weapons represents more than a single 1st place finish lead over the next closest competitor meaning that with only two tournaments left in the series she has a very real chance of finishing 1st overall.  Obviously there are still a lot of variables at play but given this is a world level event to say that we are impressed would be an understatement.

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