June 27, 2021
Douvris WKC Virtual World Qualifier #5

The 5th and final of the WKC virtual world qualifier tournaments.  Elizabeth competed in the same 5 divisions and had a great day.  She attributes this to her new mats which finally made it here a few days ago after being stuck somewhere on the ocean for months.  She placed 2nd in hard style forms, 3rd in classical forms, 3rd in traditional weapons, 1st in extreme weapons and 2nd in creative weapons.  Medal positions in all 5 divisions!


After totaling all the scores from the 5 tournaments for all competitors Elizabeth is ranked:


4th in hard style forms

3rd in classical forms

2nd in traditional weapons

1st in extreme weapons

3rd in creative weapons


If we understand things correctly this means she has secured the wildcard spot in extreme weapons for the Canadian national team and is eligible to attend the world championships in Florida this October.


There will also be a virtual world championships at the end of July in which the 1st place position in each division will face off against the winner of an elimination series of the other competitors for the title of virtual world champion.


All a bit surreal and very exciting.

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