July 25, 2021
WKC Virtual World Championships

Today was the WKC virtual world championship tournament.  This was an invitation only event for the top finishers from the virtual world qualifiers where they all got to face off for the title of virtual world champion in their various divisions.


Before the tournament Elizabeth had some fun showing mommy how high she can jump and daddy had some fun with one of the photos.  This kid can basically fly...  Michael also decided that this looked like fun and had a go at copying his big sister.


Elizabeth finished 5th in hard style forms, 3rd in classical forms, 6th in traditional weapons, 1st in extreme weapons and 4th in creative weapons.  Overall a very respectable finish to the virtual season.  She's decided to learn a new traditional weapons routine now that her extreme routine is nailed down in order to have a better shot at qualifying at nationals.  With less than a month to go this may be overly ambitious.


Meanwhile, Amelia and Michael and Mommy went to Grandma's to "help" her make more rhubarb crisp and watch Olympics. I got to eat some of Uncle Mark's leftover birthday cake!

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