June 3, 2021
Now we are six!

At six Amelia is the most francophone of my kids. Often chatting to me at bedtime in french, she's interested in learning different languages and has gotten her siblings to agree that a summer homeschool focus will be learning latin.


Amelia likes playing outside but she loves playing inside by herself where it's never too hot or too cold and it's not dirty. She especially likes playing with toys that have lots of pieces such as lego, playmobile, shopkins or fisher price. Typically she'll use them all at once, creating elaborate sets and characters for little stories.


Her best friend is apparently next door neighbour Horatio, probably followed closely by other neighbour Charlotte. She still plays nicely with her brothers sometimes, but they often find her irresistibly teasable. Then she screams her head off and the reaction is so satisfying that it makes them worse. I asked Matthew why he is often so mean to her (he's the most empathetic of my kids so this seems out of character) and he said that it's because most of the time the screaming is just "fake screaming" so that is actually annoying. It's true that she is our drama queen. Life is either fantastic or horrible - there is NOTHING in the middle. On the plus side she doesn't carry grudges and is fairly quick to forgive offenses. She's a very affectionate little girl.


She can be a little shy in new situations, but once she has warmed up she's as chatty and friendly as the rest of her siblings. She's also our bravest kid - not flinching for things like splinter removals and shrugging off things like immunizations even though she's not a fan. "I don't like them but I'm not going to make a big deal out of it."


Amelia likes reading stories - her favourites right now are Tintin and Asterix. She's reading around GB+ level 6. She also loves watching Matthew play Minecraft and giving him ideas on what to build.


She can bike more than 10km and mostly keeps up. Her idea of whistling is to make hooting noises.


Her favourite foods are still sweets of all kinds and pasta with parmesan on it.


At bedtime she goes to bed without much fuss, but sometimes she and Matthew get chatty so we try to stagger their bedtimes. She always makes her bed (very nicely!) without being asked but sometimes after bedtime her bed transforms itself into a blanket fort.

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