June 4, 2021
Amelia friend party

Amelia wanted to invite mostly neighbours to her party, which got me thinking about whether we could do a partially in-person event.


We eventually settled on doing a neighbourhood treasure hunt with her friends Evelyn, Lillian (from church), Allie, Charlotte, Horatio and Maggie. Elizabeth went out to put around the clues, and then our visitors dropped by to pick up their treasure map. There were things to find and to do, including pin the horn on the unicorn. Elizabeth took Allie and Amelia around first and ended up going with three different groups. Matthew, Amelia and I all went twice as well - not with each other as we had to stay under groups of 5. By the end we were quite tired but it was great fun even if we couldn't do it as one big group. Amelia enjoyed getting to say hi to all her friends and give them loot bags to take home. In the afternoon they did a zoom and she opened presents, blew out her candles and they all ate cake.

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