July 31, 2021
July food

In July the most interesting food experiment we made was to try and eat 1920s style for old fashioned week.


This meant a cooked breakfast pretty much every morning as breakfast cereals had only just been invented.


Monday: Soft boiled eggs, bacon, toast for breakfast. Potato salad and grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch and boiled peas and carrots, ham and dinner rolls for supper.

Tuesday: french toast, ham and omelet for breakfast, waldorf salad and chicken salad croissant sandwiches, pork loin with potato au gratin for supper.

Wednesday: sausages, pancakes, strawberries and grapefruit for breakfast, derby hot browns with cream cheese filled celery sticks for lunch and tourtière and vegetables for supper.

Saturday: Baked beans, scrambled eggs, croissants, kohlbassa sausage for breakfast. Fried chicken for lunch.


A typical tea was deviled eggs, tea, cookies, tarts and Christmas cake.

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