August 6, 2021
Summer school week 6

Elizabeth went to visit Auntie Karen to study the bible while Matthew was at his riding class. After riding, Matthew got to come and play with his cousins while they finished up the study.


Elizabeth practiced biking to her new school with her friend Bianca.


We did a lot of biking this week as we finished up our daily bike challenge pre-cottage departure. One of our summer bucket list items was to do an extended bike ride. We'd hoped to go to Petrie Island and maybe revisit Aylmer island, but instead we ended up riding to Lake Leamy. Brendan couldn't make it, but Erika and Grandma were able to join us and we had a nice ride. It was Amelia's longest ride to date but she was able to keep up alright.


The kids had wanted to try playing tennis, so we borrowed rackets from our buy nothing group. Rackets need to go back before we leave for the cottage so we played at every opportunity, usually at dusk when the free city courts emptied out. The kids very much enjoyed tennis and want to get their own equipment.

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