June 19, 2010
Strawberry Season

Strawberry season has begun!  Elizabeth, Grandma J and I took our new car to Rideau Pines farm for the first fruits of the season yesterday afternoon.


Elizabeth's stroller was slightly too wide for the strawberry aisles but we perservered with a minimum of fruit crushing.  After a while she decided to come out and pick too.  She doesn't seem to like eating strawberries although squooshing them in her fingers was briefly entertaining.  Mostly she wanted to carry around my basket and put berries in it.  I spent a lot of time handing her one berry at a time.  Unfortunately, it turns out that she also likes taking berries out of the basket.  Preferably by dumping it completely upside down...


We still managed to get two baskets.  Some of the berries are now freezer jam, some are in the freezer waiting to become berry tapioca pudding when strawberry season is a distant memory, and the rest are in my tummy!

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