August 18, 2021
Summer bucket list: Survival Day

One of our summer traditions is to do a survival day at the cottage where we tip and swamp our canoe. We also practiced getting into a canoe while out on the water, swimming in our life jackets and swimming in our clothes.


This endeavor is usually met with some initial resistance but everyone always has fun in the end and this year was no exception. Swimming in our clothes was especially popular.


Some of our discoveries this year:

-Erika is very good at getting into the canoe from deep water

-Maria needed to open her life jacket as the extra padding made it impossible for her to flip herself into the canoe (she's very persistent though!).

-Elizabeth's method of climbing in involves bending in ways most of us can't

-Everyone except Amelia can get into the canoe from deep water, and Amelia is still light enough that even Matthew can haul her in.

-Maria is very good at flipping people into the water

-Elizabeth and Matthew's sandals float

-Elizabeth and Erika can empty their canoe by themselves now

-Matthew likes bailing water

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