August 28, 2021
WKC Nationals

Last time nationals were held Elizabeth didn't quite make the cut.  Since then she has worked extremely hard while many have been slacking off (something about a global pandemic interfering with training).  She's started competing in Bo (3 new divisions) and has worked extensively on all areas of her technique.  She won the virtual world championships in extreme weapons for her age and no longer thinks she's "not good enough" to be competing at this level.  She also decided to learn a new traditional weapons routine with less than a month to go (and two weeks of which were at the cottage).  Anyway all that to say a lot has changed and we really didn't know how it would all play out.


With the pandemic still raging on this year they skipped provincial qualifiers and told everyone they could go straight to nationals (assuming their club approved).  Elizabeth got the go ahead to compete in 6 divisions including sparring which required special vetting by Master John to ensure that folks hadn't lost their skills and would get injured.


Elizabeth had excellent results (7th in hard style, 3rd in classical, 3rd in traditional weapons, 4th in creative weapons and 4th in extreme weapons) and qualified for team Canada in 5 of her 6 divisions.  The only one she missed out on was hard style forms where she missed qualifying by one position.  She came away with 3 bronze medals (classical forms, traditional weapons and sparring) and is off to Florida at the end of October for the World Championships (eek).

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