March 4, 2009
Milk milk everywhere

My milk has come in. I don't think Elizabeth is going to need any more formula supplementation.  We got away with only 40mL of formula, 20 of which were consumed in that first feeding.


Now I have a different problem - I'm leaking ounces of milk (literally).  No one ever talked about making puddles on the floor!


I may never be able to go out in public again.

On March 11, 2009 at 11:01 am
Sheila Veenstra said:
Ha ha ha!!! That's hilarious!! You could collect it and use it later when you want to nap to let someone else feed her. The only thing with pumping it though, would be that it could increase your supply... Not what you want!! Can you just put a cup under the tap?? :-) I got off lucky with James, I never leaked - except for once when we had a service man at the house. Then I unknowingly had huge spots on my shirt!

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