August 18, 2021
Cottage Tubing part 2

We went tubing again but this time Michael went in the boat rather than the tube. He probably should have gone for Grandma and Amelia's more sedate ride instead of Erika and Elizabeth's wilder one but he was not emotionally prepared. He wasn't too sure he liked the boat either, but I think he was happy to have gone.


Grandma was interested in a ride this week because the weather was much better and Amelia was very pleased to get to go with her. Elizabeth and Erika went together as usual and spent all their time trying to goad Brian into flipping them into the water.


Matthew went with his friend Dory and Maria agreed to go with me. Maria showed me a trick for jamming your feet so you can let go of the tube, but I was a bit of a chicken. She may have spent a lot of time giggling at me.


We all had a lot of fun!!!

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