November 19, 2021
Flu shots

Ontario has dropped the age of eligibility for kids to get a vaccine at a pharmacy to 2, so our family is no longer eligible for the Ottawa Public Health clinics.


This was a big deal, because Matthew is somewhat needle phobic and Elizabeth is not super fond of them either and the idea of having to corral all the kids at a pharmacy for fifteen minutes seemed overwhelming. In the end though I did manage to find somewhere that was a) taking appointments rather than walk-ins and b) was quiet so we decided to try it.


They only could do three of our appointments at the same time, so Matthew, Elizabeth and Amelia went first on a Friday ("worst idea for a PD day ever, Mom") and Michael, Brendan and I went the following Monday.


Matthew took covid along for comfort, much to the pharmacist's bemusement. We also decided to try a topical anesthetic for the first time ever. Amelia scoffed at the idea of such things. "I'm the brave one, mom!" Actually she is showing signs of being less comfortable with shots as she gets older, but got her shot without any fuss. Matthew thought about making a run for it, but Elizabeth talked him into sitting down and ended up having his shot with the least amount of fuss ever. I could hardly believe it.


Afterwards we went to Marble Slab to pick up ice cream to celebrate.

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