December 30, 2021
Christmas Day 6: Sleepover day

Technically today was reading day, and we did unwrap and read many books, but this activity was COMPLETELY overshadowed by not one, not two but THREE sleepovers planned in a single evening.


Matthew went to Auntie Janice's, Amelia went to Grandma Margaret's house and Elizabeth went to Erika and Maria's house.


Amelia was very excited to be the first grandchild from our house to ever sleepover at Grandma's. Apparently it was super fun. Both Amelia and Matthew enjoyed "getting to be an only child" for once. Matthew and Janice went skating and made pizzas.


Michael was not thrilled by not getting to go somewhere overnight, but he did get to visit both Auntie Janice's AND Grandma Margaret's house for a while. Then he also got to pretend to be an only child for a bit. Matthew lent him his pet dinosaur for a "sleepover" at home.


After Elizabeth's sleepover, Erika came over to do some karate with Elizabeth.

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