January 8, 2022
Birthday Party

Michael has been very much looking forward to turning four.


We asked him what kind of party he wanted. A birthday party! was the answer. "What kind of cake?" Elizabeth asked. "A loon cake". Now, I enjoy looking up themes on pinterest etc as much as the next person, but if you google loon cake there are no easy but cute options returned. Instead you get all these completely professional sugar art creations of fondant loons floating on beautifully hand painted sugar lakes.


Anyway, I sent the photo to my friends and instead of agreeing with me that I definitely couldn't do this, my friend Lauren offered to lend me special cake tools. Long story short she made me believe I could do it.


Mom and I made most of them together once I'd figured out the basic plan. Essentially: make a loon body out of black fondant. Add a white blob to the front. Add wings to either side of the body. Take a small circle of black and put it on the neck. Take a small circle of white and put it on the neck. Shape a head, making sure to have a sharp beak. Add two red dots for eyes. Then take small pieces of white fondant and stick them on the back. Elizabeth made two in between karate and piano lessons, and Matthew also made one right at the end.


We had a zoom with friends and family where Michael got to say hello and blow out candles both real and virtual. He ate his loon (and mine too!), licked off all the icing and then dove into playing with his new Scooby Doo toy.


When asked how many candles he needed on his cake, he said "eleven!"

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