December 10, 2021
Flying Squirrel

We promised Matthew and Amelia that after they were vaccinated they could pick a treat. Matthew wanted a rabbit, so after we readjusted expectations they settled on wanting to do something fun that they haven't been allowed to do during the pandemic.


They debated between going swimming at Dovercourt or Flying Squirrel, but since swimming involves removing a mask we told them it probably ought to wait until they were not just partially vaccinated.


Anyway, the younger kids didn't get to go to the ice cream store with Elizabeth when Elizabeth was vaccinated so I'm not sure how *everyone* ended up getting to go to Flying Squirrel. We did debate whether to let Michael go, since he wasn't two weeks post vaccination but in the end we decided that the benefit outweighed the risk for him. Masks were required (at least while not jumping) and the vaccine mandate applied. We also took the kids out of school early to get the first time slot after opening (fresh air!). Friday wasn't the quietest possible day according to Google, but we didn't want to wait until the English board was on vacation so it seemed the best possible option.


I was pleased to find that it was eerily quiet and it was very easy to stay away from most other people. Michael was the only kid under 5, and siblings were allowed to follow him into the special area for toddlers so we actually had a fenced off section to ourselves for a good chunk of our time there.


The battle zone was very popular as well. The kids ganged up on me in order to get me off my feet. Only Michael was able to get Elizabeth in though, but I maintain that tickling was cheating...


We were interested to see there is a new climbing section. Matthew was annoyed that we didn't buy tickets for that area, but we didn't really have time as we were only staying for one hour.

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