January 7, 2022

Michael is still coughing after his cold from December the 13th. He's had five negative covid rapid tests and one negative PCR test. Matthew had a negative PCR covid test as well, and we've all had numerous negative covid tests. No one else has gotten ill.

If Michael runs, he coughs. If he goes outside, he coughs. No one would be surprised if Michael had asthma given our family history.


At first I wanted to get a doctor's confirmation before trying an inhaler, but then Michael started coughing so hard in the mornings that he nearly threw up. So I caved and used Amelia's inhaler which she has outgrown, and it helped.


Our doctor is currently only doing virtual appointments (because he has covid) and I figured that since one cannot listen to lungs over the phone, I'd take advantage of currently having a live-in nurse and get my mother to take a listen.


The doctor definitely concurred with our suspicion that Michael now needs an inhaler, and prescribed him one right away. The only trouble is that it takes at least two people to administer it. Hopefully that will get better with time.

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