February 28, 2022
Our first teenager

Elizabeth is a strong, independent, capable yet humble young lady.


As she enters her teen years, she has thus far been fairly even-keeled. There are the odd moments of "hormones" (as her brother loves to tease) but the wild mood swings of adolescence have so far not really materialized.


She remains very athletic, excelling at any sport she puts her mind to, but her first love is still karate. Possibly a hair less flexible due to less time upside down or in the splits at all hours but she instead is very likely to do strength training activities if bored (e.g. pistol squats). When I was telling her about various summer camps, she was thrilled to find out that a "high performance sports camp" was an option. I described it thusly - "first you work out for a couple of hours, then you learn about nutrition and sports related theory, then you'll play team games and there's an optional swim at the end. Plus you get to eat in the cafeteria". Absolutely everything about that sounded super fun to our kid, but then again this is also the kid that learned that her school has a gym rat club and was super bummed that she can't join it until grade nine. "MOM! They have proper WEIGHTS!!!" Also the kid that came home from a play date jealous of the friend's Exercycle.


She has an unusual amount of self discipline and is definitely our family's schedule maker (which is saying something in a family of schedule makers).


She is sometimes very sweet with her siblings, but more and more aloof, caring more to go and hang out with her friends. Going to Starbucks is especially popular, although there are random other similar places they go. She likes going places with her friends but strongly prefers not to organize. Her perfect life would have more events with friends but she'd rather go to someone else's house. Ideally one without siblings.


Her parents are discouraged from interceding on her behalf with figures of authority - that is apparently SUPER embarrassing. Since she doesn't like to make waves, sometimes that means she misses out. She has finally admitted it was a good thing we interfered with music at school in the fall but in a just world it wouldn't have been necessary.


She still likes elephants, music and art. She is very involved at school, in part because of being on student's council, which she is enjoying very much. She's also loving orchestra, even though both student's council and orchestra result in missing classes. This is seen as a huge drawback as she does not like missing school. Still seems to have many friends, although I've noticed a decided shift towards the English. Certainly the girls do NOT speak french when hanging out, and it seems they may chatter en anglais outside of class even while at school. Sigh.


Overall she is a great kid and we are looking forward to seeing how she continues to mature into the lovely young lady God intends her to be.

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