January 10, 2022
Michael is four

At four Michael is rather destructive at times. If he has a little too much free time, he will draw on the cushions (or the walls, or the curtains). He'll poke holes through the window screens. His favourite game with lego is to decapitate the people and remove their arms, hands and legs. I didn't even know those parts came off and we've had more than 80 L of lego in the house for nearly a decade... He also loves a game that has been dubbed "strewing". Essentially he flings random objects all across the room while making robot noises (the smaller the better). His siblings find it equal amounts cute and exasperating. It's definitely not cute when they discover he has shredded some prized drawing, or broken a favourite book or toy. "Sooooowwweeee", Michael will say hopefully, when his latest antic is discovered.


Michael likes to play in both English and in French. His favourite screen time is Ninjago Lego videos. He likes robots and super heros and things that "battle" other things.


Michael is always up for a story. He likes stories about Scooby Doo and "scary things".


His favourite food is fibre bars. A rather unpredictable eater, he always likes his breakfast. We had to move the cookies because he's very self-sufficient and doesn't see why he needs an adult to get him snacks. Then he is strangely uninterested in dinner.


He loves preschool and his afternoon programs, especially science class. He speaks a surprising amount of french, sometimes spontaneously while he plays. He likes to pretend to be a cockroach which looks remarkably similar to playing "kitty" except that sometimes his siblings pretend they don't like bugs and scream when he comes near. Other times they give him a "leash". Playing with ropes is still banned, but it's remarkable what things can be repurposed. Let's just say there is some boundary pushing all around and Michael is a ring leader.


Luckily he is very cute and super affectionate, so it's impossible not to like this kid.


We celebrated his actual birthday with another loon cake, this time a triple chocolate mousse cake. I was very pleased with how my "water" for the top layer turned out.

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