October 7, 2021

Pretty successful gardening year, not only in terms of yield but also in terms of ownership of the plants. We had divvied up the garden into five parts and assigned four of them to the kids. Each kid was asked what they wanted to plant and was responsible for planting, weeding, watering and harvesting "their section".


Michael planted beans and tomatoes and a few carrots.

Amelia planted tomatos, peppers, beans and basil. Her favourite was probably her baby tomato plant, which produced many fruit that did not make it indoors before being picked and eaten.


I'm not entirely clear on what exactly Matthew planted as he sprouted many of his seeds with Johanne. Mostly he harvested carrots and argula. The argula crop was so amazing Grandma came several times to harvest, along with about seven or eight neighbours! Matthew also tried to grow kale, melons and beets but these were not a success. We tried planting the beets a few times and something devoured them every time.


Elizabeth's garden was probably the most spectacular, although it is true that I planted most of it on her behalf. Gardening is definitely not her thing, but she did enjoy watching the various things grow. She planted cauliflower, brussels sprouts, peppers, basil and beans and corn! The neighbours planted corn too and we managed a stellar crop!

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