October 8, 2022
2022 Butterfly Show

The Carleton Butterfly show was on again this year. They decided to move to a ticket based system which was MUCH BETTER than waiting in line for three hours.


It worked really well, too. We arrived around 9:30am, stood in line for about five minutes and picked up some tickets for noon when the butterflies were allegedly most active. I thought Maria and Yukiko would like to come so took 6 tickets, but apparently Maria feels the same way about butterflies that Elizabeth does (BUGS FLYING INTO YOUR FACE) and Yukiko had to work.


I had two extra tickets so we invited friends Bianca and Nico instead, to the other kids' great delight. Amelia and Michael were especially happy to have Bianca to themselves for once.


When we came back at noon, we were able to walk right in and see the butterflies. I liked that they pretty much required masks.


We even got to see our own palm tree like vegetation, which tickled Matthew's fancy since Elizabeth had sent a photo of the palm tree in Ireland that morning.

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