October 6, 2022
Travel to and around Europe

This was Elizabeth's first travel outside of North America and Daddy's first trip to Europe in several decades. We got to fly on a super fancy Airbus 350 on the way to Paris where we transferred to a smaller plane to continue on to Dublin. Elizabeth very much enjoyed the personal screens on the long flight. Once in Dublin we made good use of their bus system to get around. The streets in Ireland were very narrow and we were quite glad to be getting around by bus as opposed to trying to drive on the wrong side of the road. Daddy is however now thoroughly discouraged by the disaster that is the bus system in Ottawa. Dublin is similar in size but downtown you could basically see half a dozen buses from any point on any street at any time. After some sightseeing and adjusting to the time zone we proceeded by train to Killarney for the actual tournament. Uncle Chris decided to rent a car for the day to visit a "nearby" airplane museum. He was very glad to return the car and continue on by other transportation after navigating the narrow winding roads. After the tournament we reversed the trip by train, spent the afternoon in Dublin again and then proceeded on to Paris by small plane again. Overall the transportation was fun and painless (aside from some of us being too big for airplane seats). The girls very much enjoyed traveling together although they were quite perplexed by how small some things were. Especially elevators. The Dads enjoyed watching their kids turning into young adults before their eyes as they became world travelers.

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