October 7, 2022

The 2022 WKC World Championships were supposed to be held in Dublin Ireland. However with the war in Ukraine Ireland has taken in many refugees and the facility in Dublin that was to be the location of the tournament has been turned into a refugee center. With some last minute scrambling things were rearranged and the tournament moved to Killarney on the other side of Ireland. While this did complicate the travel arrangements it also afforded the opportunity to travel across Ireland and enjoy the scenery.


Ireland is indeed very green. But despite the advance long range forecast calling for constant rain the entire duration of the trip we actually got super lucky and had fabulous weather. Blue sky and sun greeted us almost every time we ventured outside and it was warm enough that even uncle Chris was known to take off his sweater or jacket on occasion. We saw many cows, a few sheep and many, many fancy old stone buildings. The architecture was lovely to look at with so much character and history in every building. The country side was lush and green and the mountains in the distance provided a fabulous backdrop. Elizabeth was most excited though to discover that contrary to her dad's insistence that unlike Florida there would be no palm trees, there were in fact quite a number.

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