October 8, 2022
Marsh's Library

Marsh's library was not on our list of places to see but as we were walking to St. Patrick's Cathedral Erika noticed a small archway in the stone wall with a sign saying that there was a library to visit. As we had failed in our attempt to visit Trinity College library (sold out) earlier that day we decided that perhaps this would make us feel slightly less like we missed out on our old book quota. So up the path we went and ended up being pleasantly surprised. While not anywhere near on the scale of the Trinity College library, Marsh's library was filled with interesting history and had an array of neat books out on display. They had also hidden LEGO figures throughout the shelves for the keen eyed to spot.


The first public library in Ireland, established in 1707 it still houses many treasures from times gone by. The girls were most amused by the reading cages used to ensure that ancient visitors didn't abscond with rare texts. With books being rare and extremely costly to acquire this was apparently a big problem back in the day. The library is mostly unchanged from its appearance hundreds of years ago.

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