July 2, 2022
Party Day

Matthew put off his party in the winter hoping that he could have a pool party. Unfortunately Dovercourt isn't doing pool rentals and has no idea when they might resume. No time soon. Since it is now warm enough to party outdoors, we decided to investigate options. At first I thought about throwing Amelia and Matthew a joint party at Calypso. But they quoted me an astronomical sum and when I inquired with the parents of Amelia's potential invitees they were not super keen.


Matthew was totally sold on the idea of the water park by then though. I asked him how many people he wanted to invite and it turned out he only wanted his friend Leo. So we ended up inviting just Leo's family. Since it was actually Leo's real birthday, we kept things low key.


We'd never been to Calypso before and had no idea what to expect. Erika and Elizabeth went off on their own for a bit and tried out some of the rides, while Matthew and Leo went off with Leo's parents and I watched my younger two play in the water for a few minutes and then bake in the sun under a towel for many more minutes than they spent actually wet. We had a great time exploring the park and eventually found the wave pool. All the kids enjoyed this a great deal - it was definitely the highlight of Matthew's visit. He and Leo claimed they spent most of their time "saving each other's lives". Erika and Elizabeth didn't join us in the pool, claiming they'd already been and they preferred other things.


After lunch we left Calypso and headed to Brewer park for Amelia's birthday party, leaving Matthew behind with Leo as he was going to Leo's for Leo's party. Of course it took us WAY longer to get out of the park than expected. It was a very very stressful experience and all our guests had been at the park for a good thirty minutes before we arrived. Lauren was gracious enough to bring all the supplies from our house with her. NOT my finest moment, that's for sure.


The kids seemed a little unsure at first, especially since most of them didn't know each other but they soon got into decorating their loot bags. There was some playing in the water and in the structures and much snacking. Amelia enjoyed her party very much. Again there were many unicorns!

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