January 6, 2023
Sleeping under the Christmas tree

Matthew, Amelia and Michael wanted to sleep by the Christmas tree. Elizabeth decided a number of years ago that she was NOT ever doing that again because she likes her sleep and the others kept her awake.


Matthew helped me build a fire and they settled down in front of the tree around 7:45.


They were pretty wound up. By the time I left at 8:30 to fetch Elizabeth from karate, Brendan was obliged to break up what had become a full on wrestling match.


Then they were quiet again briefly but by the time Elizabeth and I returned they had invented a farting game. Amelia kicked over my plants because she was too busy jumping on the couch. Quite a few settling down chances later I was getting too tired to supervise and little miss bouncy was off to her own bed upstairs. About ten minutes later, Matthew suddenly declared he was unable to sleep with so much light from outside and the fire. So off he went. Michael lasted another two minutes on his own, but then decided he was “too lonely” and went to crawl in. Five minutes later they were all completely out lol.

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