January 8, 2023
Michaelís 5th family party

We decided to celebrate Michael’s birthday party with the family in person and on zoom for those far away.


Michael was beside himself all day in anticipation of getting to open presents. Eventually I kicked the kids outside to try and calm down. So the party started outside.


Once our guests arrived we moved inside for cake and presents.


Michael was very cute blowing out his candles. He tried to clap but his fingers looked in danger so we got him to blow. He did so with gusto - one or two at a time. Then he gleefully investigated the presents. When he opened a set of sheets from Auntie Janice and Grandma J: “Who told you I liked Mario?” He demanded. Lol silly boy…


He wanted a “loony” cake again, so Elizabeth and I duly churned out 19 little fondant loons. Matthew put some of the eyes on. Michael loved it, and while I had great difficulty with a Janice safe version of the triple mousse cake it was edible in the end. I clearly need more practice with the cake part though because I was zero for three attempts - they all fell into a sticky fudge-like mess and it was clear that the cake wasn’t coming out of the silicone tin!


After cake and presents the cousins went downstairs for a dance party with balloons. It was chaotic but Michael enjoyed getting to be the center of attention. Xander good naturedly gave him a piggyback dance for quite a long time. Then Theo and Michael discovered that the balloons float if you put them into the airstream of the air filter. Everyone was quite sweaty by the end of the party so I guess they got their exercise!


It was declared “a great day”.

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