January 21, 2023
Brownie sleepover

I guess they are rebranding as "Embers" instead of Brownies.


Anyway, Amelia's troop had a sleepover at the church last night. In the morning I went to her room and called her to wake up. "Amelia isn't there" said Matthew. "Oh" said I, going downstairs to call for her to come for breakfast. "No!" said Matthew. "Amelia isn't here!" It may have taken a moment for me to remember that she was actually not home!


They were learning about the Chinese Lunar New Year. Amelia enjoyed getting chocolate coins in a red envelope, and sleeping next to her friend Charlotte from school.


I was thankful Janice brought her to and from the (brownie) church because this morning I was at the women's breakfast to celebrate Pastor Michelle's birthday.

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