February 3, 2023
Museum of Nature reprise

It was so cold today that we didn't want to wait at the bus stop, so we just kept the younger kids home from school. Elizabeth didn't want to stay home, so we drove her.

Amelia and Michael were kind of outraged to hear that Matthew went to see the owls yesterday, so we decided to go again today after I was done her workday. They have been bugging me to go see them every week as we pass the museum on the way to church.


"We won't have long", I warned them. "We have to pick Elizabeth up from school so she can get to work on time". So we hurried to the museum and I discovered that I had left my phone at home, meaning I had no credit card to pay for parking, no ID and most importantly no tickets for the museum. The kids were not very impressed but luckily the museum is very close to our house so we still had time for a visit.


It was frostbite in minutes kind of weather so while we did go to see the owls, it was literally a case of dashing out to the cages, taking a couple of photos and then running back to the warmth of the museum.


I let each kid pick an exhibit and we hit the highlights. Amelia was intrigued by the throat-singing in the arctic exhibit. Michael wanted to go see the loons. Amelia was distraught to discover that covid has reduced the number of toy birds significantly (and where are the eggs!?!) but of the two or three left one WAS a loon so Michael was happy. Matthew wanted to see dinosaurs but Michael was very concerned. "Maybe some of them are real" he thought. He insisted that we inspect them only from a distance upstairs. We even managed to squeeze in a quick visit to say hi to the spiders.

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