January 29, 2023
Playdates and pool fun.

Michael has been struggling a bit at school. We asked him whether he wanted to invite any classmates to his birthday party and he said no. He can't name any kids in his class, doesn't talk about playing with any classmates. At report card time in the fall his teacher launched into some story about how this classmate had been bothering him and "not letting him be independent" but not to worry because she'd separated them and everything seemed fine now. Michael had mentioned... nothing. Some careful questioning of Michael revealed almost no further details, although he seemed embarrassed about the whole thing and clearly didn't want to talk about it. So I posted on the classroom chat and heard the other parent's side of the story. Putting all the pieces together what I think happened was that the kid was bossing him around until he got tired of it and apparently walloped her. Michael also went around telling the entire class that he wasn't "amis" with each person. I asked him if this were true and he said yes, but wouldn't explain further.


Anyway the parents in question decided that perhaps it would be fun to do a meetup outside of school with the kids. It was decided to go play at the main library, so we headed there after church. (Daddy was laid up in bed with a sore back)


Meanwhile, Elizabeth had gone to Sunday morning karate training and after it was over she walked over to visit her friends Nina and Lucia for lunch.


Michael's friends all seemed very shy, but we read some books together and peered at each other through some of the library toys while Amelia and Matthew were like foxes in a hen house looking for books to take home.


After the playdate we grabbed Elizabeth on the way to Deborah Kirwan Pool, randomly selected as being open at the requisite time and not too cold, as we had some free city of Ottawa vouchers to use up.


Mommy is a sucker for punishment and we were out of milk, so we stopped at Farmboy on the way home. Matthew and Elizabeth stayed in the car to play games while I introduced the little ones to the Farm Boy gorilla hanging from the ceiling. "Why is he there?" Michael wondered. Amelia's theory was he's to stop people from stealing the bananas. I was very excited to discover the GF ice cream sandwiches I've been dying to try were not only in stock, but the same price as their non GF equivalents! Super yummy!

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