February 12, 2023
Kichi Sibi Trail

I took the four kids skiing by myself as the sun went down. We decided we'd ski as far as we could before the sun touched the horizon and we made about a kilometer and a bit from Remic Rapids. I think in total we skiied around 2 and a half kilometers, which is definitely the furthest Michael has ever propelled himself and probably about half a kilometer too long. The kids all did very well though. Michael fell and bruised his cheek and was less enthused after that, but Elizabeth was super patient with him and helped everyone back on their feet countless times (including her mother once, to great hilarity). Elizabeth would have enjoyed herself more with just her mother but she did not complain aside from one request to have a ski day where she could just ski.


The sunset was spectactular but the real highlight was on the way back when Elizabeth spotted a "beaver" in the water. Sure enough it looked very much like a beaver head. Michael was very excited to see it (the other two had gone whizzing by quite a few minutes earlier and missed it). Far too big to be a muskrat, we listened to it chattering until it finally got tired of being peered at and splashed back into the river. We think it must have been an otter.

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