January 31, 2023
January Food Diary

Matthew has been agitating to be allowed to help with the meal planning... and Elizabeth has been reluctant to give up "her" job. However, I decided it was time, so the kids agreed to alternate months starting in the new year.


Apparently Matthew's food spelling isn't much better than Elizabeth's was when she started meal planning. Since this is Matthew, we had sushi twice (he suggested once a week), lots of pasta, tacos, Supper for becdis (breakfast). We also had ceknan ngit (chicken nuggets), cilly (chili), fci and cep (Fish and Chips), Cinis (Chinese), Hmabge (Hamburgers), and sope (I was relieved to find out this was soup). Elizabeth kindly translated some of the more obsure items.


One of our New Year's Resolutions is to try something from a different continent every month. This month was featured North America, and we decided to try something from Hawaii. One could argue about whether Hawaii is technically part of Oceania or North America, but for the purposes of getting to eat something new we decided North America it was. Perhaps when we get to Oceania we'll change our minds (!) I suspect that Matthew's main reason for wanting Hawaii is that he was hoping to have some pineapple. I'm quite allergic but the kids said they would be super careful and the store has some pre-cut so we bought some.


After researching some Hawaiian food options, we decided the most practical recipe idea was to make a poke bowl. Everyone enjoyed it very much.

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