August 8, 2010
Cottage Time

As per our annual tradition we bundled ourselves into our car and headed off to the cottage up in Muskoka.  Elizabeth was quite good during the drive and slept for a good portion of it.  This was just as well as it was raining pretty hard most of the way and we couldn't really have stopped and let her run around without her getting soaked. 


This didn't last... By the end of the trip we were reduced to handing her marshmallows to keep her quiet.  When she got full, she started passing them forward to 'Dada' up front.  In the end we made it to the cottage and even had time for a quick trip down to the water to dip our toes in the lake and say hello to some of the local wildlife before bed.  Elizabeth was so excited exploring the cottage that it took quite a while for her to settle down even with her favourite pyjamas.

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