March 26, 2023
Karate training

With tournaments in full swing now is probably as good a time as any to take a moment to bring you a small sampling (really this is a tiny fraction) of the training that Elizabeth puts in to do the crazy things she does in competition.


In addition to her two regular black belt curriculum classes and her teaching (2 days a week) and a few non required classes that she takes for fun/extra practice, Elizabeth also trains with Cody 1-2 times per week and does 3 tournament team training sessions. On top of all of that she practices at home in her "spare" time...  Many classes involve working so hard as to come home soaked in sweat.


Looking back over roughly the past 2 years captured in these photos and videos you can really see the progression of her skills and gain some appreciation for the ridiculous amount of effort, repetition and determination it takes to make this stuff look easy. Certainly not everything comes easily to her, but when it doesn't she keeps trying until she gets it even if that means months of daily practice.

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