March 5, 2023
Escape room birthday

Elizabeth wanted to do an escape room with her whole crew of friends for her birthday. Most escape rooms are for fewer people, so I had a challenge locating a place that would be able to accommodate this but then I discovered Lockdown Ottawa.


It not only allowed for the number we wanted, but it had a fixed rate per room which meant it was a much more reasonable cost.


Elizabeth got to choose between a hockey themed room and a "creepy carnival", which was no contest, especially since the organizers assured us that it was just mildly creepy and not "gross creepy".


They had a great time solving the clues, and managed to solve the final riddle just as the guy was knocking on the door to tell us the time was up. Technically they were about five seconds too late, but the staff told them to count it as a win so they did.


After we had birthday cupcakes outside.

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