April 1, 2023
April Fools Day

Elizabeth was away for provincials, but never fear, Amelia had her own ideas about tricks. Michael apparently followed her around the house as she was doing her mischief. This was a bit frustrating as he then was pointing them all out as Matthew and I came down. She put many fish on the light switches and under breakfast bowls.


I saran wrapped their bowls, which Michael thought was a great joke. I also put food colouring in the milk and eggs. Matthew (predictably) refused to try the blue milk. Michael and Amelia had a bit of a fight over who got to use the coloured milk first and thought I should turn the next bag of milk blue as well.


I gather that Erika also brought some fish with her and pranked Elizabeth, just to keep up tradition :)


For supper I made "egg" with yogurt and peach as per last year, with banana "fries". I had a real egg on the side as I made egg stuffed potatoes! Amelia and Michael were tricked by the fake egg, but Matthew remembered and wasn't fooled.

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