August 11, 2010
A special visitor

Grandpa H dropped by the cottage from Portugal.


Elizabeth was very happy to have two Grandpas to read to her!  She warmed up pretty quickly, sitting on Grandpa's lap and bringing him books to read.


We let Elizabeth have chocolate covered raisins for the first time to her great delight.  She popped one in, chewed for a while and asked for more.  We were very impressed until she started drooling a little while later.  Turns out that she only had space for a few dozen in the cheek.  Shortly after she ran out of room all the raisins came out again one at a time into Daddy's hand - minus the chocolate.  Yum!

On August 20, 2010 at 05:03 pm
Marie Smith said:
She looks so tiny in Grandpa's lap! Love the raisin story!

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