September 2, 2010
Daddy and the buck bucks

Daddy took Elizabeth to visit the animals today.  Our visit started out a little on the wrong foot as right by the entrance (where the horse, cow, sheep and pig barn is) there was an extremely loud and grumpy sounding cow mooing and mooing and mooing.  Elizabeth for obvious reasons didn't like the sound of this and refused to go investigate.  So instead of our usual first stop at the barn we had to head straight over to the chickens.  After a couple of minutes visiting with the chickens one of the staff came out with the tiniest baby rabbit that Daddy (and Elizabeth) had ever seen and invited the kids to gather around and pet it.  Daddy thought this was great and dearly wanted to get a shot of Elizabeth happily patting the cute little baby rabbit.  Unfortunately Elizabeth was about as interested in the rabbit as she is in mustard.  She backed up and tried to get away while saying "buck buck".  Apparently she wasn't done visiting the chickens.  Oh well maybe another time...

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