September 26, 2010
The Works

Great Aunt Mary took Uncle Dave, Auntie Karen, Auntie Janice, Elizabeth, Brendan and I out to lunch at the Works today (are we spoiled or what!).


We all ordered Elk burgers.  Elizabeth even ate some, albeit well-disguised by Auntie Janice in between bits of bun.  We joke that Elizabeth is a vegetarian that eats eggs and (sometimes) bacon, so any kind of meat is somewhat unusual.


We had to wait a pretty long time but it didn't matter too much because we had such good company.  Elizabeth was charmed by the milkshakes in containers bigger than her head, not to mention Great Aunt Mary's banana split which she insisted on sharing.  Luckily Mary was happy to oblige!


On September 30, 2010 at 07:52 am
Grandpa H said:
Nice pix - is that a pyrex quart/liter and if so, is it really still larger than Elizabeth's head?

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