September 30, 2010
19 Months

Elizabeth is nineteen months old!


Elizabeth loves to draw.  She's pretty good about colouring only on paper, but if we aren't paying attention she sometimes scribbles on paper that we didn't intend her to use.  Like Grandma H's pension form.  Or Mommy and Auntie Janice's quilting patterns.  I gave away reams of paper a few years after I graduated from university, because clearly I wasn't going to NEED paper anymore.  Now I think we may need to buy stock in a paper company.


Frequently Elizabeth demands that Mommy or Daddy draw pictures for her.  Dogs, cats, cars, polar bears, trains... She adds water and grass under the various animals I draw and has started to tell me about what she is drawing.  I've uploaded an example, along with her captions.  Interestingly, she is very keen on drawing birds ("tweet, tweet, tweet").  Mostly very small birds, but the odd large one.  She's also very keen on using many, many different colours. Especially the darker ones.


She's talking a lot more, and while we don't always understand what she says, she often can make herself understood just based on intonation.  We're actually able to have basic conversations, which is pretty exciting.  Her favourite word is probably "yeah", not counting "mum mum".  The "yeahs" are completely adorable.  She says them in such a little voice but SO expressively. Visitors are also quite shocked to her her say please and thank you.  We've been working on this and so far she is doing very well.


With the days getting shorter, she's noticed that the sun disappears earlier.  "Sun?  Sun? SUN?" she worried tonight when she was heading to bed (ie where did the sun go??)  I told her that the sun had gone to bed.  "Yeah" she said.   "All gone?" she then asked. "Yes", I said.  "Oh", said Elizabeth. "Bye bye".


She's very keen on doing what Mommy and Daddy are doing.  She helps wash dishes after nearly every meal, helps set the table and loves to do as much cooking as we allow.  She especially loves to crack open eggs.  She's much better at dressing herself and can even take her shoes off by herself.  After she gets dressed she always goes to admire herself in the mirror to see if she's "cute".  She's also started to pretend things.  She pretends to take naps, pretends to feeds her stuffed animals and crawls around the kitchen pretending she's a baby.


She goes up and down stairs by herself.  Distressingly, she's started going down the stairs standing up.  By herself.  (Eek!)  She is very well behaved most of the time though.  If I ask her to sit somewhere, she usually will until I tell her that she can get up. 


If she gets hurt, kisses make everything better.  She usually insists on kisses from both Mommy and Daddy, and Auntie Janice too if she's home.  Right now she has a tiny scratch on one knee, and we've learned that she needs to wear pants or leotards until that heals because otherwise she demands kisses everytime she sees her "boo boo". 

On October 4, 2010 at 02:19 pm
Grandma H. said:
What fun to hear about her conversations and see the world through the eyes of a 19m old! To me, that drawing is quite remarkable for her age.

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