December 4, 2010
Walk through Bethlehem

Janice and I are collaborating on a semi-secret project that involves taking pictures of many weird and wonderful things.


So when Janice wanted a picture of a goat, a sheep and a donkey I knew exactly where to go.  We'd planned to visit Fourth Avenue Baptist's "Walk through Bethlehem" again with Elizabeth this year.  Essentially it's their Christmas pageant, but you walk through a series of tableaus setup quite ingeniously in the church basement.


We went a bit later in the day because Dave and Karen graciously took us house-hunting with them (Brendan and I just love to walk around open houses!).  By the time we arrived at Bethlehem it was a bit crowded and we had to wait a while before there was room on a tour.  Elizabeth was very interested, but I think some of the actors had gotten tired of repeating the story every ten minutes for the last four hours as the little boy shepherds were starting to tell each other fart jokes and had to be reprimanded by the bigger shepherds for acting silly.


Unfortunately the light wasn't too good by the time we got out into the stable with the animals, but I dutifully photographed them despite nearly getting knee-butted by the rather cranky goat.

On December 10, 2010 at 06:51 pm
Grandpa H said:
I definitely want a photo of you being knee-butted by a cranky goat... :)

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