December 22, 2010

This year marked our fifteenth annual gingerbread party! Lots of commotion but Elizabeth was pretty sociable and for once didn't act up when Mommy dared snuggle another baby.


Erika made a very ambitious train, with lots of help from her Mommy.  Elizabeth and Maria were old enough to make their first creations.  They painted gingerbread men with chocolate and added M&M's as decoration.  Actually they ate most of the M&M's, and we coaxed them to put one or two on the gingerbread.  It didn't take long before we decided that they had had enough chocolate.


Another little boy made a vaccuum cleaner.  His sister made a penguin.  A teeny violin, some frogs, houses, an alien from my highschool days and many more gingerbread men...  Then there was Auntie Janice's sushi and the house of cards that regrettably collapsed on the way out the door. 

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